Current Program Versions:


2.7 - Nov 2003
Batch Thumbs 1.7 - August 2003
Rip-Zip 1.1 2002


August 2005 - Re-opened for business on my new domain name. will hopefully be mine for the foreseeable future.  Sorry I haven't made any updates to my 'stuff'; things change s--t happens and well, you know.  I'm hoping to add some information about photo restoration with Photoshop and other tools.  I have some family photos that I've worked on and a few turned out OK.

Nov/Dec 2003 - Just in time for your Christmas/Hanukkah Shopping - sTile version 2.7.  Also, watch for a new HarmWare title to appear within the next month, perhaps also before the New Year:  Mesmerizer.  Mesmerizer will be a companion program to sTile, although I am considering just building it in to sTile instead of making a stand-alone program.  It is another creativity explorer type program - no real useful purpose at all.  It adds animation to several of the effects found in sTile; unfortunately while it looks very nice on your screen there is no way to save the animated file.  Beta version is available for anyone interested in seeing what the Mesmerizer program does.  Get it here.  Feedback welcome.

These programs are free.  I know they have some bugs, but generally work the way I designed them with my limited budget, time, and interest.  I have tested them on Win98, WinNT 4, and WinXP Pro.  However, I have limited hardware (and skill) at my disposal.  If these programs don't work on your system, you can try some of the more common solutions found here.  If that doesn't help, then I apologize.  I can't help you.

It's been nearly a year since I updated my website, I guess this is the annual 'makeover'.  The only thing that's different is the release of Batch Thumbs 1.6.  This version allows the addition of a text caption to the thumbnail html pages.  This is handy if you want to print out the thumbnails as a hardcopy reference.  For example, if you've stored the images on a CD and would like to know what's on the CD without loading it into the CD drive you could just glance at the sheet of thumbnails to see what's there.


sTile - a graphics program to create seamless 'tiles' which can be used as background images for web pages.  It has many filters and effects and is a fun little program to play with.  By nature, it produces somewhat psychedelic images, but they can be toned down or muted for actual website use (the background on these web pages was made using sTile).

Batch Thumbs - takes a list of images you select and creates high quality thumbnails at any size you specify.  Can then optionally create html web pages for displaying the thumbnails with links to the original images. It's fairly fast, and can handle BMP, JPG, GIF, and WMF formats.

Rip-Zip - just another Zip archive program.  It has a somewhat unique feature in that it can unzip several files at a time, and can create several individual zip files from a list.   Not very sophisticated, but if you need a free zip/unzip program, this one works.

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